A Modern Victorian Luxe Look For Your Home

A Modern Victorian Luxe Look For Your HomeWe tend to picture Victorian style as a nostalgic design that brings us back to the 1830s. Excessive pleating, tufting of furniture and luxurious materials are key elements in classic Victorian design. In recent times, we tend to incorporate modern and nostalgic designs. Modern Victorian style allows contemporary urbanity and classicism to coexist.

So, how do we mesh into Modern Victorian and elevate the design with a luxe appeal?

1. Light neutral colour scheme

There are a few modern colour schemes which look exceptionally lustrous, suitable for modern Victorian homes. Modern Victorian style is all about the cohesive layers of colour which brings a whimsical vibe to the room. Light neutrals will give the room a calming feel and make the most of natural light.

2. Layers and details

In the 1830s, Victorian homes were brimming with excessive classic furniture and decor. However, modern homes are mostly minimal and sleek. How do we incorporate both styles? You can layer on the details but refrain from adding too much. Arranging ornate decor on clean, modern sideboards or adding Victorian style curtains among modern furniture gives the room a luxe layered effect.

3. Statement prints

Modern geometric prints creates an à la mode contrast to nostalgic features. Bold patterns such as geometric and abstract designs are highly sought after. It doesn’t have to be excessive but the statement prints will be a focal point in the room’s design.

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