3 Ways To Add Modern Oriental Style To Your Bedroom

Modern interior design is on the rise, but oriental design is also making a statement in East meets West homes. Intricately infused in modern interior design, these zen-like elements result in a tranquil and peaceful sanctuary in the comfort of your own home. Modern oriental design resonates beautifully, cultivating harmony and balance as a result.

Here are some ways you can incorporate modern oriental style into your own bedroom design.

1. Bold red accents

Bold red accents add an exquisite oriental touch to the bedroom. When opting for Chinese-inspired design, red is a must-have as it gives off warmth and a distinct vibe.

2. Balance in textures

Oriental design is inspired by zen elements and influenced by Chinese or Japanese styles. Balance plays an important aspect in the principles of zen. Hence, it should be integrated when incorporating oriental elements into modern design. Different textures and elements such as wooden floors and full-length mirrors are essential for creating balance and harmony.

3. Oriental decor

Decorative elements are a crucial aspect of modern oriental design. Oriental decor is austere and aims to create a more harmonious, tranquil environment. Fewer, larger decorations reduces clutter to evoke a sense of peacefulness in the bedroom design. Therefore, the simplicity of these elements make the bedroom design a work of art.

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