Welcome To Benz Design Interior, at BenzDesign Interior, we endeavor to provide a Complete Solution for your home. We always strive to achieve a complete assurance in fulfilling a Sense of Belonging unto your heart. From conceptualization to the conclusion and even after our handover, you are always at the top of our priority.

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Published: Thursday May 18, 2017

beNzdeSigN Interior 

Since 2010 highly recommend Id firm in Singapore

Current Situation

Benz stands for Brilliant ideas, Efficient services, Nostalgic looks and Zillions of exclusive concepts. A winner of Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2012 Award, Benz Design Studio co-founded by the husband-and-wife team, Benson Lo and Carmen Toh, on 14th February 2010 specialises in

(1) Interior Design Concept Consultation;

(2) Space Planning & Floor Layout Plan Proposal;

(3) Site Supervision Audit;

(4) Design & Furnishing Consultation;

(5) Project Management.

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Well-trained, disciplined & experienced Singapore designers with trendy & creative ideas create a NEW LIFESTYLE ritual for your home. “We are open to new, untried concepts for creating the ideal home design to suit each home owner’s personality. Our profession involves the components of creativity and technical solutions applied within a structure to achieve a cosy, interior environment,” said Carmen, the MD. “While transforming your old grim & lifeless home into your brand new cosy, comfortable & reality home, we create expansive spaces with colour groups in a variety of textural contrasts & soft finishing elegant materials for matching your needs.”

Benson Lo, the Senior Designer added, “Our designs come with simplicity, purity & supreme comfort accompanied with the Ying & Yang atmosphere. With these we   assure you of an EXCLUSIVE & LUXURY image with BRILLANT DESIGNS giving no clues of actual structural problems faced by design teams! We are a door opening to your individuality!”


Aims & Objectives, Vision & Philosophy

Benz Design Studio creates a Unique Lifestyle Experience with its Exquisite Interior Design for all customers. “Every customer is our life-long client. We work around their needs as each project is a work of ART deserving our UTMOST effort. This is in line with our company’s Philosophy and Vision.” Philosophy : To bring Glamour and Style with comfort by putting a finger on all aspects of the design to achieve the HIGHEST level of customer satisfaction. Vision : To provide a COMPLETE SOLUTION for your home. With an assurance of fulfilling a SENSE OF BELONGING in your heart. Placing you at the TOP of our priority list from conceptualisation to conclusion – and even after our handover,



Entrepreneurship at the highest level

With their entrepreneurship at the highest level, the loving couple view entrepreneurship as ‘a mental attitude for seeking opportunities, taking calculated risks and deriving benefits by implementing your vision.’ But according to Carmen, this is not easy. “The lead-up to starting a business is hard work. But even after you open the doors, your work has only just begun. With FAITH you persevere against the odds! And eventually succeeding with COURAGE and total COMMITMENT.  And, of course, some luck for grabbing hold of opportunities coming your way. But don’t wait for opportunities to fall in your lap. Sniff them out!”


Added Benson with pride,“All our staff are grateful to be part of the firm which constantly delivers top customer service. With over five years of experience in their expertise areas and armed with extensive knowledge, their forte is in providing stylish, functional, aesthetic and cost-effective concepts. And thus become more than capable of creating unique and innovative value for all our home owners in all aspects of customer service.”


The couple entered this business with Carmen’s analysis of the trade and set-up of the desired organisation. And her plans for its smooth operation. Plus Benson’s flair for designing concepts, being in the trade for almost nine years. “A good plan increases our chances of success,” Carmen explained.“It defines business concepts, controls risks, tells us where we are going and how to get there. And most important, achieves our best for clients.”

Benson chipped in. “We have come this far with critical judgement, good management and vision. Keeping up with the trend with regular creative designs is difficult. For trend is ever-moving, and interior designs ever-alive, constantly evolving to reflect living standards, affluence and lifestyles.”

Starting at home initially, Benz Design Studio soon expanded to its first location at Blk 181, Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #01-2936, to target the residential clients. Hot on the heels of its success came their second venture, Benzdesign Interior. “To bring a form of individualised home interior deco for each and every owner surfacing. While Carmen assisted with the marketing strategy and hunted down the manufacturers, I selected each item personally for individual owners,” said Benson Lo.

With Benzdesign Interior now trading in Home Deco & Furnishing, the couple are into a new phase of their entrepreneurial journey. And while embracing a more challenging yet fruitful product, receive the highest accolades from clients. The success of Benz Design Studio and Benzdesign Interior is the sole reason for opening yet another shop, Benz Deconceptz Pte Ltd, at Blk 157 #01-572 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. “Through this third venture, we reach out to clients with commercial and landed properties for moving on to the building and construction industry,” said Benson acknowledging Carmen’s comprehensive and well-thought out strategies. “So, it should not surprise anyone why we are so successful today.”


The couple are now into their five-year plan. “We are in the midst of implementing our business plan for trading in sanitary goods, toiletries, home deco items and also lighting accessories. All these items will be carefully handpicked,”assured Benson,adding,“We will provide more than varieties for home owners, with our  items  sold online and retail.”

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“Belief in oneself is one of the more important bricks in building any successful venture. Therefore, take up one idea and make it your life. Think of it, dream of it and live on it. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, in fact, every part of your body, be full of that idea. While leaving every other idea alone until you are ready to commit yourself to another task. That is the crucial way to success,” said Benson Lo.

“However, besides a Vision, we need also to GET SET and GO. To put on our best armour and conquer discouragement. Eventually success is yours if, with courage, you continue moving speedily towards your Vision for transforming it into reality. And enjoying the full fruits of your labour. Only when this happens, can we truly say WE HAVE SUCCEEDED,”

Benson Lo Hp 88385122

All interior design works by Benson Lo from Benz Design Interior. Do keep a look out for more design concept themes

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