A mixture of of Benz design formula changed New HDB BTO Houses into new modern minimalist house

http://benzdesigninterior.com/contact/ New Modern RENO home Design Style for HDB BTO


Interior designer Benson Lo used a subtle palette of black glass & tinted mirrors in his scheme for this  Blk 808B Chai Chee Rd apartment, which combines luxurious materials with a touch of modern design look. ‘They wanted something different from the others house owners.They want it different from their neighbours.

After mixture of my benz formula and with creatively ideas, the out look of the house turns trendy yet luxurious look.’

I believe there is a story behind all design works itself…..

The false ceiling  downlights and light holder lights in the living sitting area is made from an ultimate ideas from Benson Lo himself.
‘I love Interior Designs and i love to blend in new layers of design concept themes for all benz customers. I always believe with an mixture of my benz formula and a touch of the this, this and that…. The whole place blends in to one design theme.
After contrasting the houses theme with mixing of benz forluma and  now even more new additional  designs to my new collection of renovation blogs.

Modern & trendy feel for toilets as well

Happy house owners  recieving their new dream home soon ,later part of the week.

Done by Benson Lo from Benzdesign Studio / interior
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